New Delhi, Mar 28 IBNS | 5 months ago

Travellers from Hong Kong paid the most for hotel accommodation in India in 2013, parting with Rs. 8,061 a night, as per the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI).

This was a 6% increase when compared to what they paid in 2012. Visitors from the Middle East were in second place paying Rs. 7,909 a night followed by South Africans who paid Rs. 7,594. Travellers from both, Middle East and South Africa saw increases of 3% and 4% respectively.

Many of the highest increases were paid by visitors from Europe. Belgium was up 25% to Rs. 6,363, Finland added 22% to Rs. 6,187 and Italy had the same percentage increase, taking its average to Rs. 6,098. Thailand and China were the fastest risers in Asia with the former up 23% to Rs. 6,903 at and the latter up 17% to Rs. 7,115.

Of the few countries with declining rates paid, the Brazilians saw the hardest fall, parting with 10% less during 2013 to Rs. 6,645, followed by Japan with its own devalued currency deterring foreign travel, down 6% to Rs 7,154.

Other falls were seen at the bottom of the table as the Malaysians parted with the least on Rs. 5,315, registering a drop of 1%, followed by the Russians down 2% to Rs. 5,510 and the Taiwanese down 5% to Rs. 5,517.

The Hotel Price Index (HPI) report also revealed the top destinations for overseas visitors coming to India.

While Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bengaluru, Chennai and Jaipur continued to reserve the top 6 spots, the Indian city known to attract International tourists the most, Agra, the land of Taj Mahal has dropped two spots.

Agra has moved from 7th to 9th position, giving way to Hyderabad and Thiruvananthapuram in 2013.

(Posted on 28-03-2014)