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Women faking orgasm to get the big 'O'!

Posted on Mar 27 2014 | IANS

London, March 27 : They fake it and we know it. But women do fake orgasms to actually make their own experience more pleasurable, reveals a fascinating research.

An earlier research has found that up to 80 percent of women fake the big 'O'. Some did to boost their partner's ego, some out of insecurity and some to just get over the act fast.

Now, a new research, reported by Time, says that some women may be faking orgasms in an effort to get a real one.

To reach this conclusion, researchers from Pennsylvania-based Temple University and Ohio-based Kenyon College surveyed 481 females who were not in serious relationships.

There were four main factors that influenced women to fake orgasms.

Altruistic deceit - faking orgasm out of concern for a partner's feelings - topped the reason while fear and insecurity - faking orgasm to avoid negative emotions associated with the sexual experience - came as second.

"Elevated arousal - a woman's attempt to increase her own arousal through faking orgasm and sexual adjournment - faking orgasm to end sex - were other factors that contributed to faking orgasms," the researchers commented.

According to the study, published in the Journal of Sexual Archives, women were more likely to pretend to have an orgasm in order to work themselves up to an actual orgasm than to stop sex altogether.

"I view this strategy as one of the many 'tools in the toolbox' women may use to enhance their own sexual experience," Erin Cooper, who co-authored the study, was quoted as saying.

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