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OMG! This perfume smells like a corpse

Posted on Mar 26 2014 | IANS

New York, March 26 : A die-hard perfume lover? Trying this 'death cologne' needs real guts, dear.

By mixing a combination of three disgusting smells, a Nebraska-based chemist claims she can create 'Eau De Death' that mimics the smell of rotting human flesh!

The three compounds are putrescine, cadaverine and Methanethiol.

While putrescine and cadaverine are emitted by the body in the early stages of decay, Methanethiol smells like rotting eggs.

"Putrescine and cadaverine are largely responsible for the foul odour of putrefying flesh but also contribute to bad breath and can be found in semen," Raychelle Burks of Doane College in Nebraska was quoted as saying.

How can wearing this perfume help you.

"One could wear it while casually waiting for the zombie apocalypse so as not to attract the attention of a roaming group of zombies," Burks told NBC News recently.

According to Burks, the 'death perfume' is incredibly stinky in very low quantities.

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