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This chocolate machine dispenses will power!

Posted on Mar 21 2014 | IANS

London, March 21 : Brew it your way! A chocolate dispensing machine can genuinely improve your will power if you follow its simple instructions.

A doctoral student Matthias Laschke from Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, Germany, has designed a chocklate machine that is part of a gadget series intended to help users break bad habits.

The device periodically releases a wrapped round chocolate.

You can either eat it - means no will power - or put it back into the machine, which then counts it.

The higher the count, the better you perform.

"This straight-forward exercise actually does build willpower," Laschke was quoted as saying in media reports.

The team of design students working with professor Marc Hassenzahl has other fun gadgets to charm you.

The 'Forget Me Not light' device dims over time, brightening again when touched.

They also have a 'Shower Calendar' that looks like a work of art as it gets us to conserve water, said a report on Co.Design.

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