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Take heart! Women equally good at maths

Posted on Mar 12 2014 | IANS

New York, March 12 : Do you often handle kids' maths assignments? Most of the men are given this task at home but a study says that even women are equally able when it comes to maths.

Interestingly, a study also finds that both men and women believes males are better at math!

"The problem is with implicit stereotypes but women tended to underestimate their ability while men tended to boast," said researchers.

"Women outnumber men in undergraduate enrollments but they are much less likely than men to major in mathematics or science or to choose a profession in these fields," Luigi Zingales from University of Chicago was quoted as saying.

The fact is that women not only tend to underestimate their own math skills when they are job candidates but also underestimate the ability of other women when they are in a hiring position, said the report in Daily Mail.

This might explain why there are less women in the field of science and engineering, said the report.

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