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iLead hosts 5th annual convention

Posted on Mar 12 2014 | IBNS

By Hashir Mohammed Khaled, Kolkata, Mar 12 : The Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development (iLEAD) in collaboration with the nonprofit organization, Higher Education Forum (HEF) on Tuesday initiated their 5th Annual Convention here at its campus.

The annual conference was aimed at imparting higher education to students and highlighted the need for achieving success and excellence in the field of education.

According to the officials, the first three annual convention was held at Mumbai's Welinkar School and ITM College.

The 4th annual convention was held in Bhubaneshwar's KIIT University.

The HEF Chairman, A K Sengupta said, "The main reason behind forming this fruitful organization was that both teachers and students in large numbers were interested in higher education."

Sengupta said, "I started a synchronous learning committee through a global group with an idea essentially to bring people together and try to create a platform and to keep the group away from politics."

"I find students and the faculty as the biggest stakeholder. The contribution made by the government is insufficient. The government does play a role, but it is the teachers and students that should drive the education system," he added.

Sengupta said, "There is not a single Indian University, which is amongst the top 200 in the global level universities. India stands no where in terms of education. Education is a race so we must always leap ahead."

"The country has developed only because of education, as it creates a huge impact. Students should realize the worth of education for social progress of country," he noted.

Vivek Kumar, Principal Secretary, West Bengal Department of Higher Education said, "The higher education policies of the government are based on 3E's - Expansion, Excellence and Equity."

He noted that the indigent and minor people want to pursue higher education, but there is no facility for them.

Kumar noted, "The massive challenge is to build more new institutions, universities and colleges both in the public and in the private sector with the aim of allowing the marginalized section of people to participate."

"Our vision is to reclaim the mantle of being the intellectual capital of the country which we were at one point of time," he added.

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