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Student rowdiness helps Cambridge University earn over USD 28,000

Posted on Mar 10 2014 | IANS

London, March 10 : Weird acts and indiscipline among students helped one of the most reputed centres of learning in Britain earn 17,000 pounds (nearly USD 28,300) by way of fines over the last two years.

The colleges under university of Cambridge in Britain, witnessed bizarre acts ranging from stroking on the fire alarm to candle thefts over the last two years, the Sunday Express reported.

The detailed figures were acquired under the Freedom of Information Act.

However, a total of 14 of the 31 colleges at Cambridge failed to respond to the information request.

Magdalene College, which dates back to 1428 and stands on the banks of the Cam river, saw some of the highest fines being imposed, with one student fined 400 pounds for taking drugs.

The rowdiness of drunken students has often left the authorities in dismay.

St Edmund's College, the second oldest of the four Cambridge colleges oriented for mature students, saw one of its members fined 750 pounds for drunken and threatening behaviour, with the cash going towards paying for repairs within college premises.

The disciplinary committee in one of the colleges handed a student a 200-pound fine for stealing another college's candles.

Pembroke College witnessed a terrible streak among its pupils with 20 being caught setting off or tampering with fire alarms in the college.

The college that boasts of over 700 students and fellows, handed a 240-pound fine to five students for inappropriate behaviour while 210 pounds was collected for five cases of IT-related "incidents".

The worst fines were for one student who was fined 200 pounds for attempting to steal another college''s candles. Another had to pay the same amount for inappropriate behaviour at the bar.

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