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Modi takes on Nitish's "PM dreams"

Posted on Mar 10 2014 | IBNS

Purnia, Mar 10 : Gujarat Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Monday took a dig at his Bihar counterpart and Janata Dal (United) [JD (U)] leader Nitish Kumar and said the latter's PM dreams did not let him sleep.

Commenting on BJP-JD (U) break up, Modi said: "I was thinking for days - why was our very happy alliance broken. I was really trying to understand and thought a lot."

"Some people said arrogance, some said he (Nitish) stabbed us in back. But a few days ago we understood why he broke the alliance - the dream of becoming PM did not let him sleep," Modi said while addressing a rally in Bihar's Purnia district.

"And he thinks so highly of himself, it is higher than Mount Everest ... he feels nothing is possible without him," he said.

"Arrogance of some is at 7th heaven ... say anything about them and they get sleepless nights for days," he said.

The BJP strongman criticized the newly-formed Third Front and said: "See the Third Front - their parties have either supported Congress or saved them. And there are former PMs and those who dream to be PM."

"When there were floods in Kosi, farmers were suffering did these Third Front people come? Did you even hear of them? When people were dying in Kosi where were you ... and now that polls are coming you are moving all around," he said.

"During the Gujarat quake, during what happened in Assam, when heads of soldiers were cut, where were you sleeping? There was communal violence in UP but Third front remained silent. They rise when poll bugle is sounded ... only to sleep and rise during next elections."

Modi said BJP will offer people stability and development oriented government if voted to power in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

"Our politics is about coalitions. We need to accept it. Every coalition where we are part of as leaders, the coalition is successful. BJP is not going to the people only to form a government. We have come to the people to give stability and development oriented government," he said.

Modi also took a dig at the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) government and Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi.

"Should Centre not tell you about what they have done in last 10 years? Shazada ji (Rahul), you have given mobile phones? And what about the electricity to charge the phones," he said.

"Schools in Bihar don't have computers ... in a state where there are so many brights youngsters, is this a good thing? Coming age is about technology. But only 2pc schools have computers. Shahzaade ji, what is the Centre doing about this?" Modi asked.

"One of their 'intelligent' Ministers said we will give Akash Tablet but when will the tablet come on earth? Which hands took the money?" said Modi.

"Shahzaada keeps making allegations but is not willing to answer. What happened to the jute industry here?" he asked.

Modi said the BJP will support a special status for Bihar.

"Be it special package, status, attention ... for the good of Bihar we will do everything that will be our priority," he said.

"I hope their arrogance doesn't come in the way when the Centre announces something. Remember due to your arrogance you insulted Gujarat," Modi said hinting at Nitish.

"So much arrogance is not acceptable in a democracy. If National Democratic Alliance (NDA) takes steps for Bihar, they must accept it. Like they rejected Gujarat's help, I hope they won't do the same for Bihar and they will apologise for their actions," said Modi.

He said Gujarat's secularism is true secularism.

"All these parties have played politics in the name of secularism and Muslim communities. Gujarat's secularism is true secularism .. .it works for every section of society," said Modi.

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