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Fun Taiwan premieres in March

Posted on Mar 09 2014 | IBNS

New Delhi, Mar 8 : With the strongest cast ever, the latest series of TLC's signature program FUN TAIWAN will premiere this March. The new FUN TAIWAN ALL-STARS features host Janet Hsieh with ten international personalities from around the world to explore Taiwan.

Janet has taken matters into her hands and created tailor-made itineraries for each star with themes such as visiting resorts and hotels, doing beach activities, adventure trekking, eating through street vendors, attending traditional festivals, to discovering fashion design and culture.

KF Seetoh, the host of THE FOOD SURPRISE!, who just finished shooting, says that Taiwanese food is extremely tasty that made him gain weight, while Angela Kan, the host of BEACH LIFE WITH ANGELA KAN, who will begin her journey after the press conference gets a surfboard and a bikini from Janet as welcome gifts to excitedly claim that she is so ready to have fun and wishes to see the beauty of Taiwan's legendary coastline.

FUN TAIWAN ALL-STARS premieres on every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. in Taiwan, starting from March 9 in Taiwan. In Asia-Pacific, the show will premiere on every Thursday at 9:00 p.m. starting from March 6.

"TLC is the first international channel in Taiwan to provide lifestyle and entertaining content to the viewers," said Tommy Lin, General Manager for North Asia of Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific.

"It presents non-scripted and scripted programming on travel, food, life style, designs, fashion and real-life stories. FUN TAIWAN has been TLC's signature local production in Taiwan that offers world viewers a chance to see the beauty of this island. The latest series of FUN TAIWAN ALL-STARS is TLC's crowning achievement after being broadcast ten years ago. We invited 10 celebrities to join Janet in exploring Taiwan. Viewers who wish to see the show with high quality viewing experience, we will also premiere the show simultaneously on Discovery HD World in Taiwan"

"For the sixth time, we had collaborated with TLC to produce FUN TAIWAN, a show which has promoted Taiwan throughout the world for people to know and understand this island," said Tourism Bureau Deputy Director-General Hsi-Lin Liu. "With FUN TAIWAN ALL-STARS being premiered in Asia-Pacific with more than 138 million viewers to be able to follow Janet and 10 stars on screen, we believe to see a record high number of tourists will be visiting Taiwan soon."

Angela Kanand KF Seetoh showed up at the premiere press conference. Janet has prepared a bikini and a surf board for Angela who had just arrived in Taiwan to shoot her episode on the show as they'll both do some beach activities. "I've heard a lot about the beautiful coastline of Taiwan, I am eager to see it in my own eyes!" said Angela. And Janet just took the KF Seetoh, Guru of Grub, on a Taiwanese food tour during which he tasted all kinds of local street delicacies and fruits, such as sausages in sticky rice and oyster pancake. KF continued to talk about the food even after the tour. Hsi-Lin Liu, Deputy Director-General of Tourism Bureau gave Seetoh some Taiwanese delicacies as a gift. "Taiwanese food is unbeatable," said Seetoh, "It makes my mouth water even in my dreams."

Janet also shared the 10 star routes she had designed for the show. She cited the example of Samantha Brown, who she brought to the Yuanshan Tunnel, claimed to be the longest "Cement Slide" in the world. Samantha also traveled down to Changhua and joined farmers to collect oysters. She was invited to an oyster farmer's home where she joined some women farmers and cut open the shells. Samantha learned and used mnemonic phrases in the Taiwanese dialect and had a lot of fun. "I feel like I am back to 6 years old, so relaxing, and the hospitality here makes me want to stay," she said.

Ian Wright came to Taiwan in the Ghost Month, "In America, there's only one day for Halloween, but there's entire month for ghost to party in Taiwan!" He first learned to make floating water lanterns in Keelung, then went down to Pingtung on a typhoon day and took part in Chiang-Ku, a competition to climb poles smeared with oil. He had a full schedule that took him to "roads" less traveled.Even Ian has been traveling the globe for more than 20 years and had been to Taiwan more than dozen times, he left the island by only saying "I'll be back".

Bob Blumer went on a culinary tour around Taiwan. He traveled to the east coast to participate in aboriginal festivals, went indoor shrimping in Taipei and joined other chefs to cook for a temple fair in Tainan.

He added ingredients he got to know during the trip to his own recipes and prepared a sumptuous surprise feast for Janet at the end of the shooting. Bob also fell in love with Taiwan's mangoes, "I love it so much that I had to get them for breakfasts!".

And Denise Keller was pampered in exclusive boutique spas, went on a yacht ride and participated in a Paiwan concert that showcased how people communed with the nature. At the end of the show, not only she was so touched that she shed a bit of tears, "I've fallen in love with Taiwan," she said.

As for Musician Jamie Aditya, he learned and performed Taiwanese operas. His talents in music left an impression on his teachers. He also teamed up with the Golden Melody winner MATZKA and sang in a concert which was the highlight of his trip.

Anita Kapoor, who has never been to Taiwan until Janet invited her, thought Taiwan is just a city at the beginning, she was then taken out of Taipei and got a close-up look of a Hakka village and learned to cook Futsai, a notable Hakka delicacy. Shealso traveled to Taitung and learned to make a dress out of tree bark. "Taiwan is so big and amazingly gorgeous, she said at the end of the trip.

Images: Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan and the food of the island nation

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