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Jagerbombed woman starts campaign against such drinks

Posted on Mar 07 2014 | IANS

London, March 7 : An 18-year-old British woman, who suffered three heart attacks and was "temporarily dead" after consuming 10 shots of caffeine-laden drinks, has started a campaign against the sale of such drinks.

On a night out with friends Jan 31, Jayde Dinsdale went to a bar which had a two-on-one offer on Jagerbombs, a shot concocted with the Jagermeister spirit and an energy drink. She ordered five of them and treated herself to 10 shots.

The next morning, she suffered two heart attacks in her bathroom and became "temporarily dead" before her parents performed CPR on her and called the doctors.

After she suffered a third heart attack, the doctors placed her on a medically induced coma for 52 hours and she spent the next three weeks in hospital, the Daily Mail reported.

Although the alcohol wore off in the morning, the reason for the heart attacks was due to the presence of the caffeine in her system from the night before, which made her heart rate accelerate at a very high speed.

Dinsdale has now started a campaign to warn people from consuming such drinks and also asking places not to sell these, as it has proved to be nearly fatal in her case.

One can of energy drink contains 80 mg of caffeine which is equivalent to two cans of cola. Excessive consumption of caffeine may lead to seizures, strokes and even sudden death.

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