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Reveal your caffeine persona with this App!

Posted on Mar 07 2014 | IANS

New York, March 7 : Before you fill another cup of coffee, switch on this App that would tell you exactly how much coffee can impact your sleep.

It would also tell you how your caffeine levels change throughout the day as you gulp down espressos, energy drinks and even chocolate!

Named 'Up Coffee', the App is developed by San Francisco-based firm Jawbone Labs.

"It helps you understand more about your caffeine choices by correlating caffeine intake and projected sleep time," said a Jawbone Labs press release.

To make this App work, you need to wear a wristband called UP24 or UP band.

The wristband plugs into your smart phone via the Simple Sync connector to help you learn how you sleep, move and eat.

Simply log a coffee, tea, energy drink or other caffeinated beverage in the 'UP Coffee' App to see a visual display of where you fall on a spectrum from 'Wired' to 'Sleep Ready' at any given time.

Jawbone analysed the data of more than 1,600 UP wearers and more than 5,000 nights of sleep to verify the relationship between caffeine and sleep and how we feel the next day.

"With billions of people around the world enjoying coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks each day, the 'UP Coffee app' delivers daily insights with new information on caffeine that is relevant to you," the firm added.

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