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Aaron Eckhart keen to retire, wants to be mountain man

Posted on Jan 18 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Jan 18 : Actor Aaron Eckhart, who will be seen as monster Adam in "I, Frankenstein", has expressed a desire to retire from acting and lead the life of a mountain man.

Widely acclaimed for his stellar performance in "Olympus Has Fallen", "The Dark Knight" and "Thank You for Smoking", Eckhart believes everybody has been seeing a little too much of him.

"I am wanting to quit the business, I figured well you have seen enough of me for a while," he said on a talk show, according to a statement.

"I would like to go up to my Ranch and see if I could live up there permanently you know, be a mountain man; chop wood and live with my mother," he added.

His new movie "I, Frankenstein" will release in the US Jan 24.

In India, the film will be distributed by PVR Pictures and it will hit screens in the country Jan 31.

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