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Wear this hair clip for self defence on street

Posted on Mar 06 2014 | IANS

New York, March 6 : What can a hair clip do more than to hold your hair intact? Well, it can help you fight sexual assault or eve-teasing on the street.

This clip comes with an accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth sensor that connects it wirelessly to a smart phone.

Named 'First Sign', the clip can detect punches, kicks, slaps or aggressive shakes. When violence is detected, the clip sounds an alarm.

Developed by Arizona-based firm First Sign Technologies, the clip uses Bluetooth to access the smart phone GPS system, camera and microphone.

This clip then guides the smart phone to take photos and begin audio recording to identify the perpetrator.

However, if there is a false alarm, the wearer has 15 seconds to deactivate the alarm, said a Daily Mail report.

If the device is not deactivated following the alarm sounding, professional security monitors call for help from the user's list of emergency contacts.

The clip can be discreetly concealed, worn as a fashion accessory or clipped onto a bag or coat, the report added.

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