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Indo-Chinese relations important for growth: Chinese daily

Posted on Mar 04 2014 | IANS

Beijing, March 4 : Strategic talks between China and India can empower both countries as well as other developing nations to have a bigger say on global issues, a leading Chinese daily said.

An opinion piece in the Global Times Monday said emerging economies such as India and China have been shaken by the global financial crisis, and that weakened their influence in the reform of global governance.

India and China together can get more respect from the West than if they remain rivals, the daily said.

Echoing the success of the 17th India-China special representatives' meeting on the boundary question and the annual defence and security consultation last month, the daily said both nations will see a few rounds of economic and strategic talks this year.

The leaderships of China and India have drawn lessons from the past, and were determined to resolve controversial issues such as the border problem, it said.

Both sides have reached a consensus to control the elements that might trigger tensions along the border, the daily asserted.

"Peaceful and friendly cooperation is a positive factor in the changing international situation. In the international sphere, strategic talks between China and India can empower both countries as well as other developing nations to have a bigger say in global issues," it said.

"China and India must strengthen their mechanism of coordination and consultation, and work together with other neighbours such as Pakistan, Russia, Iran and Central Asian countries to promote reconciliation among different political factions within Afghanistan," the daily said.

It said cooperation between the two countries will help in boosting the slowing Indian economy.

There is progress in some major projects between the two countries, such as the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor and the Chinese industrial parks located in India.

"If the next Indian administration is willing to draw more investment from China, it can become a major step to facilitate India's economic growth and the economic cooperation between China and India," the daily added.

It also stressed on the strategic importance of cooperation between China and Indian in Afghanistan after the US troops withdraw from the country.

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