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Women generate value to corporations: NACD

Posted on Mar 03 2014 | IBNS

Kolkata, Mar 3 : The National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) recently stated that, the companies that have women on their boards generate value to their corporations by broadening market vision, enhancing board dynamics, inspiring female stockholders and improving corporate reputation, here.

Earlier, on Feb 18, at the occasion of the International Woman's Day 2014, the Heritage Business School in association with Enterprise Development Institute (promoted by Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry) had organized a panel discussion on 'Women in Metro, breaking the glass ceiling,' here.

The objective of the discussion was to create a platform to have successful and experienced entrepreneurial women share their background, career path and life's journey, to inspire and motivate others who wish to follow their path and more so to those who wish to carve their own path.

The programme was addressed by elocutionist Bratati Bandhyopadhyay, philanthropist Urmi Basu and ace fashion designer Agnimitra Paul.

Also present were Minu Budhia, Director and Founder, Add-life Caring Minds and Reshmi Chatterjee, Founder, Halo Heritage.

Bratati Bandhyopadhyay shared her inspiring journey on how she became an eminent elocutionist, whereas, Agnimitra Paul narrated her experience on how she chose fashion designing as a profession.

Moreover, Minu Budhia depicted her experience on creating a world-class organization Add-life Caring Minds, which took lots of courage and innovation.

Urmi Basu spoke about the essential qualities which women entrepreneurs should possess to be successful in the society.

Taking the risk and making a hobby as a profession where the main success mantras of the personalities who were present in the panel discussion.

Moreover, their journey towards a successful career was full of turmoil and being a woman the intensity of the turmoil created by the society was to a greater extent.

But nevertheless their urge to become successful by breaking the glass ceiling took them to what they are now.

According to the officials, more than 200 participants attended the discussion, listening to the inspiring talk of the women leaders.

The programme was also contributed by Aloke Kr. Sen, Director, Heritage Business School; Samir Kumar Ghosh, Director, Enterprise Development Institute and Rimu Chaudhuri, Faculty, Heritage Business School and Coordinator of the programme.

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