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Woman in 'Sex And...' were nice to each other: Jessica Parker

Posted on Feb 27 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Feb 27 : Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says unlike the woman shown in reality TV today, the woman in her movie "Sex And The City" were friendly towards each other.

The 48-year-old, who will feature on the cover of the April issue of Harper's Bazaar magazine, says she believes that women have become unfriendly towards each other over the years, reports

"It's kind of surprising to say, but in a way it ('Sex and the City') was a more innocent time. I think so much reality television - and the women that dominate culture today - are pretty unfriendly towards one another. They use language that's really objectionable and cruel and not supportive," Parker said.

"I like to remember that Carrie and the other woman in 'Sex And The City' were really nice to each other. That was the bigger picture," she added.

The actress admits that her tough childhood has made her a perfectionist.

"My mother was chic but we were broke. Inside the house was chaos and madness...I appreciate everything," she said.

"I think that there are probably a lot of people that don't care as much, and it all still works for them. But I can't have my name on something and not be totally involved. It can often make things really hard but that's simply the way I have to be," Parker added.

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