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Toys passe, welcome to the touch screen generation

Posted on Feb 23 2014 | IANS

New York, Feb 23 : Do you belong to the community of new parents who keep on wondering why their little ones always reach out for smart phones or i-pads of all the things in the world? The answer is simple -- children love touch screens more than any other toy, says new research.

"I have never seen a more intuitive technology for children," said Michael Cohen from New York-based firm Michael Cohen Group (MCG) that conducted a nationwide survey about the play habits of children.

The survey polled 350 parents about the play habits of their children 12 years and younger.

It found more than 60 percent of parents claiming that their child uses a touch screen.

Touch screen devices got the most overall playtime, according to the poll.

"Touch screens are the primary play activity now," he said.

The rise of the touch screen has been incredible. Researchers found that over 70 percent of children in all income levels are living in homes with smart phones, and over 55 percent with tablets.

Increasingly they also have their own device.

"Of the kids who have access, 36 percent own their own device, and that was in single digits last year," said an MCG press release.

The team looked at what the children were doing with their device.

When we talk to children, gaming is the number one activity they want, added Cohen.

Touch screens beat toys that have been around for decades, such as dolls and action figures, arts and crafts, and construction-based toys.

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