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'I love chocolate ice-creams' : Kareena Kapoor

Posted on Feb 22 2014 | IBNS

Kareena Kapoor Khan loves chocolates and ice-creams. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu chats up with the actress in Mumbai on her fetish.

What is your favourite sweet dish?

I love chocolate ice-creams. That was my childhood favourite and still remains my favourite. There is nothing more pleasurable in life than the combination of chocolate and ice-cream.

Aren't you afraid that ice-creams might affect your figure, especially if you again want to go back to your Size Zero look?

Well, at the moment, I am not Size Zero. But given a choice between Size Zero and ice-creams, I will definitely go for the latter. Also, it's not that I am having 5 or 10 ice-creams a day, one ice-cream a day is allowed.

Do you regret not being Size Zero any more?

If a girl is eating the right amount and is happy from inside, she automatically starts glowing. I am enjoying being more curvaceous and I am glowing too. After all, I am a Punjabi girl and I love to eat.

Does your husband, actor-producer Saif Ali Khan also have a sweet tooth?

Let me tell you an incident. I have been recently appointed the brand ambassador of Magnum ice-cream in India. When people from Magnum came to sign me, they gifted me a box with 50 ice-creams in it. And guess what! In three days, Saif ate up all the ice-creams. I could not even taste one.

Do you have fetish for any other sweet item?

I also love chocolates. Chocolate helps you change your mood. And only chocolate has the ability to bring so much happiness to me. Whenever I feel a little low, I have a bit of chocolate and immediately become happy.

How good do you think chocolate is for your health?

Healthwise, I think chocolates are far better than other 'sweet' food items available in the market.

What kind of food do you generally have?

I am a veg person. I have started having fish and eggs just a year back. But from heart, I am a vegetarian. I can't think my day without karela (bitter gourd) and dudhi (bottle gourd).

Have you ever cooked for Saif?

Saif has never had food cooked with my own hands, but definitely I have fed him with my hands.

Can you actually cook?

I am actually a very good cook. I believe a person who can make a good dal is a very good cook as dal is actually the most difficult thing to make. And everyone loves my dal. My mom (Babita) and sister (Karisma) wait like when I will make dal.

What's your favourite cuisine?

It's any homemade food. And yes, I love paratha, especially aloo parathas with a spoon of ghee.

You claim yourself to be a foodie. Then how do you maintain the right shape?

It's all about eating at the right time, the right amount and then constantly balance it with yoga and other workouts.

Does Saif interfere with your love for food?

Not at all. In fact, he too loves to eat. But thankfully, he too is equally health conscious and is always working out and keeping his weight in check. So that motivates me as well.

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