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Iran's higher-grade uranium stockpile declines

Posted on Feb 21 2014 | IANS

Vienna, Feb 21 : Iran's stockpile of 20 per cent enriched uranium has declined for the first time in four years after Tehran implemented a landmark deal it signed with world powers, the UN nuclear agency said Thursday in a report.

According to a report of the International Atomic Energy Agency obtained by Xinhua, the Islamic republic of Iran is committed to the Joint Plan of Action, the deal it clinched with six major states in November last year,

Tehran has suspended 20 percent uranium enrichment since Jan. 20, and began to dilute the enriched uranium stockpile.

Iran's reservation of uranium refined to a 20 per cent dropped to 161 kg in February from about 196 kg in November, the IAEA report noted. But the 5 per cent purity uranium rose to 7,609 kg from 7,154 kg in November.

The UN's nuclear watchdog -- IAEA -- is playing the monitor role in the Iranian nuclear issue, while all sides involved in the Iranian nuclear talk are trying to achieve an ultimate solution over the tough issue.

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