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'I am pretty confident with everything I do' : Katrina Kaif

Posted on Feb 16 2014 | IBNS

Katrina Kaif has made it to the Top 30 Most Beautiful Women across the globe list. TWF correspondent Sreya Basu in conversation with the Dhoom girl in Mumbai on beauty care, taking responsibility of her endorsements and more.

Post Dhoom: 3, you have been tagged as being effortlessly glamourous. Comment.

I don't agree I am effortlessly glamorous. A lot of effort goes into it. I believe as long as you take care of yourself, as long as you try to make the best of what you have, respect yourself as a woman and respect your image, it shows on your face and body language. Most importantly, you have to be comfortable with yourself, what you are wearing, how you keep your hair ... everything. That's the first step of being glamorous.

How do you maintain the glow of your skin?

Well, there are various beauty products available in the country. But diet plays a very important role in maintaining good skin and hair. I eat sensibly, gym, do all healthy, normal things like yoga ... that all normal, health-conscious women will do.

Do you oil your hair?

Honestly, I don't get enough time to oil my hair. Instead I use L'Oreal Paris oil that works as a styling serum. It has Argan oil in it that is a big craze among women right now. You just apply it and go out. You don't need to wait for it to settle down and then wash your hair. And when I find time I use pure olive oil, that you find even in a food store, for my hair.

Generally, today's women find oiling their hair very boring.

That depends on how you are doing it. You can put some music on and have fun massaging your hair. As for me, since I have long hair I can't do oil message by my own. I have six sisters and mother. So I ask one of them to help me out with it. I don't find oiling my hair boring. Instead I find it the most relaxing part of my beauty regime.

Do you have a bad hair day, something that scares most heroines?

You know, I am lucky because my hair is not very coarse and unruly. It's pretty easy to handle once you wash it. The only problem is, for this I have to wash my hair every day and since I have long hair, too much time goes into it.

Now that you have your kitty full of endorsements, do you have time to actually do little research on the products before saying 'yes'?

I won't say research, but I don't endorse a product if I am not familiar with the brand. Because people watch you in the ads and a lot of them will believe what you are trying to sell since you are an actor.

Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) has ruled that consumers can claim compensation from celebrities in case of misleading advertisements. What do you have to say about it?

I don't know much about it. But if this has happened, it's good. It will help in quality control. It will make the actor as well as the brand a little more responsible and careful in making a claim. And it is important. We must not mislead people. If you are making a promise in an advertisement, hopefully your product should deliver the promise.

Now that this new law has passed, do you look back and find there is an endorsement that you did despite having less faith in it?

I have always been very conscious all throughout my career. If I go back, I won't be able to remember every line of every ad film I have done so far, but I have always been careful of not making wrong claims. I am pretty confident with everything I do.

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