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'Cardiologists profiting from unnecessary bypass surgeries'

Posted on Feb 14 2014 | IANS

Kolkata, Feb 14 : Driven towards profiting from medicine, a section of cardiologists deliberately prescribe expensive procedures such as bypasses and angioplasties in case of blockages and "hide" the option of natural bypass through a specific diet, says a book launched here Friday.

In "Heart Mafia", author Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury seeks to debunk these practices and claims alternative solutions like the 'Lifestyle Therapy Diet Plan' (LTDT) can reverse heart disease and other lifestyle related diseases at a fraction of the price of surgeries.

"The hospitals get 40 percent of their total revenue from their cardiology department by performing unnecessary surgeries and completely ignoring and hiding the natural bypass option," said Samar Chakraborty, convenor of India Book of Records, the publisher.

Even former US president Bill Clinton was also "victimised" by these cardiologists, he claimed, adding that despite a series of surgeries, his problem persisted.

"After researching, he switched to a special diet plan, the LTDT, and was able to reverse his heart disease in six months," said Chakraborty.

In contrast to the huge expense of these procedures, natural bypasses are safe and are inexpensive, he said.

Moreover, Chakraborty said, LTDT diet has been approved by American Heart Association and does not require hospitalisation.

"Awareness needs to be generated about natural bypass. Celebrated cardiologists boast of performing such procedures when a low cost option is available," he said.

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