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Germany eyes growth in tourist flow from India

Posted on Feb 13 2014 | IANS

Kolkata, Feb 13 : Germany is hoping that, with an impetus on leisure tourism, the flow of Indian tourists would be back in double-digits this year, an official said.

The tourist flow from India to Germany recorded only five percent growth in 2013 due to the depreciation in rupee and economic instability. Germany hopes the numbers in 2014 will be back in double-digits mirroring previous trends, said Romit Theophilus, director, German National Tourist Office, India.

"Despite the rupee devaluation and economic scenario, the year 2013 witnessed five percent growth and we expect it to be back in double-digits in 2014," Theophilus told reporters here.

The European nation saw 200,000-250,000 visitors last year from India.

"Germany is already established as a business destination, but we are also trying to showcase its leisure aspects. It has the most affordable stay options," he said.

This strategy reflects the increase in figures of leisure travellers. Since 2006, there has been a shift in trend from business to leisure tourism by almost 30 percent.

"Initially, it was 95 percent business tourism and five percent leisure. It has changed to 65 percent business and 35 percent leisure," Theophilus said, adding that destinations like Saxony, Bavaria and Cologne are the key locales for leisure tourism.

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