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Initially, Sutherland didn't find 'Pompeii' appealing

Posted on Feb 10 2014 | IANS

Los Angeles, Feb 10 : Actor Kiefer Sutherland says when he was approached for "Pompeii", he wasn't excited about the new project as it was not described well to him.

"It was described to me poorly in the initial pitch. Which was, it was an 'action movie that runs into a disaster film'. And that didn't sound that appealing to me," the star of American TV series "24" said in a statement.

He changed his mind when he went through the script. "The story was so beautifully written. I was very lucky," he added.

In Paul W.S. Anderson directed film, Sutherland plays Roman Senator-Slaver Corvus.

The 3D action-adventure-romantic drama set for Feb 21 release.

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