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TV show 'Lakshaya...' bridges eco-system communication gap

Posted on Feb 09 2014 | IANS

Mumbai, Feb 9 : "Lakshaya: EK Living Planet", a show on environmental issues, hit the small screen with the avowed aim of creating an environment movement in the country.

"Lakshaya: EK Living Planet" is a 26-episode environment series that went on air in January on Doordarshan and airs every Sunday 9.30 p.m.

It is hosted by Niret Alva, a well-known television personality and chairman of Miditech Pvt Ltd, who feels there is a big communication gap when it comes to environmental issues.

"In today's era there is a big gap in communication when it comes to environmental issues. While there are cutting edge public service adverts and one off documentaries, there isn't really an incisive television series that focuses on the need to better understand our fragile eco system," Alva said in a statement.

"'Lakshaya: EK living planet' fills that gap by focusing on the immediate environment issues in an investigative reportage form without mincing any words or being safe," he said.

Highlighting the unique features of the show, he said that "it works with passionate young filmmakers from around the country on the editorial approach".

"They send in story ideas, they shoot and we work together till the story truly brings out what we are trying to say," he added.

Each episode of "Lakshaya: EK Living Planet" has five different segments - red alert - stories based on the socio-environment issues; wild India - stories based on man-animal conflict and conservation; green tech - technologies at the forefront of environment revolution; initiative, environmental success stories; and citizen, stories from citizens of India on environment issues in their backyard.

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