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Solving crime and murder the Scotland Yard way
The London policeman, a member of the modern world's first professional law and order enforcement force, has long been a model for his counterparts and a subject for crime novelists. However, the crime-solving skills of Scotland Yard's finest were initially not very high and amateur sleuths -- Sherlock Holmes, for example -- easily upstaged them, though not for very long. Read Full Story

New book on women in political decision making positions
New Delhi, Dec 3 : A new book born out of three years of intensive research across northeastern India and parts of Myanmar and Bangladesh focuses on the role of women in political decision making positions, especially in conflict-hit areas. Read Full Story

The sad finale to Ramayana (Book Review)
Title: Uttara: The Book of Answers; Author: (Translated by) Arshia Sattar; Publisher: Penguin; Pages: 286; Price: Rs 499 Read Full Story

British Library, Jaipur Lit Fest to bring Magna Carta to India in 2017
New Delhi, Dec 2 : The British Library and the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) have come together in a new partnership to host a series of events in Jaipur and London during 2017, with the former loaning a facsimile of the 1215 Magna Carta to be on display at the JLF site. Read Full Story

Of mythology, eunuchs and ghosts (Books This Weekend)
New Delhi, Dec 2 : Learn precious lessons on how to become a hero like the great warrior Arjuna, explore concepts like creativity and the importance of teamwork recognising the value of goddess Saraswati or imagination, read the redemptive story of a eunuch haunted by her past and flick through a comic book about the power of family and friendship. Read Full Story

An ode to life at the turn of the previous century (Book Review)
Title: Zindaginama; Author: Krishna Sobti (Translated from Hindi by Neer Kanwal Mani with Moyna Mazumdar); Publisher: Harper Collins; Pages: 452; Price: Rs 550 Read Full Story

'Bookshops will always remain a paradise for avid readers' (Societal Feature)
New Delhi, Dec 1 : The smell of books while entering a bookstore is probably the most hypnotising aroma for an avid reader. Though e-commerce platforms have been muscling in, shop owners maintain that book stores will always be the first preference for those bitten by the reading bug. Read Full Story

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami to publish new novel
Tokyo, Nov 30 : Japanese writer Haruki Murakami will publish his new novel in February next year, his publisher Shinchosha said on Wednesday. Read Full Story

Crossword Book Award celebrates Indian writing
Mumbai, Nov 30 : It was a literary night at the National Centre for the Performing Arts when authors of all genres arrived at the 14th Raymond Crossword Book Award here. Read Full Story

Paula Hawkins next novel to release in May 2017
New Delhi, Nov 30 : The celebrated author of 'The Girl on the Train', Paula Hawkins, is all set to release an addictive novel of psychological suspense about the slipperiness of the truth, and a family drowning in secrets, titled 'Into The Water'. Read Full Story

Solving life's mysteries with ancient and modern wisdom (Book Review)
Title: Every Time I Find the Meaning of Life, They Change It; Author: Daniel Klein; Publisher: Oneworld Publications/Pan Macmillan; Pages: 220; Price: Rs 350 Read Full Story

This travelogue takes you through Indian medicine (Book Review)
Title: In the Bonesetter's Waiting Room: Travels through Indian Medicine; Author: Aarathi Prasad; Publisher: Hachette; Pages: 214; Price: Rs 499 Read Full Story

Love and heartbreak, Allahabad style (Book Review)
Title: Band, Baaja, Boys!; Author: Rachna Singh; Publisher: Amaryllis Books; Pages: 215; Price: Rs 225 Read Full Story

Penguin acquires Sunita Narain's book on India's Green Movement
New Delhi, Nov 28 : Penguin India on Monday announced that it has acquired Sunita Narains "Conflicts of Interest: My Journey through Indias Green Movement", a personal account of one of Indias foremost environmentalist experts. Read Full Story

The knowledge deficit in the information age - and its consequences (Book Review)
Title: Head in the Cloud - The Power of Knowledge in the Age of Google; Author: William Poundstone; Publisher: Oneworld Publications/Pan Macmillan; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

When the gurus speak, it is pure wisdom (Book Review)
Title: Conversations with Dada Vaswani; Author: Ruzbeh N. Bharucha; Publisher: Penguin Ananda; Pages: 288; Price: Rs 299 Read Full Story

A politically incorrect guide to the world's diverse peoples (Column: Bookends)
Exuberant Americans, reserved Englishmen, orderly Germans, fatalistic Russians, unorganised Italians, charming and chic French, impenetrable Japanese, laidback Australians, gregarious and feckless Irish... are these descriptions a valid guide to these nationalities, and are there any such universal national characteristics at all? Do they just stem from personal, subjective experience or are mere ethnic stereotypes. Read Full Story

Ruskin Bond gets Lifetime Achievement Award, bats for climate change
New Delhi, Nov 26 : Author Ruskin Bond was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution in the field of literature on the opening day of the Times Lit Fest here on Saturday. Read Full Story

Detecting 'dirty bombs' to save India: Andy Karan's story (Book Review)
Title: The Girl Who Loved a Spy; Author: Kulpreet Yadav; Publisher: Rumour Books India; Pages: 303; Price: Rs 199 Read Full Story

Love, travels and peeking into the future ( Books This Weekend)
New Delhi, Nov 25 : Flick through the tale of three women looking for love in the online dating space, wade through the story about a solitary walk on a village road in the English countryside and know the interesting story of a man who bravely breaks conventions. Read Full Story

I'm not in any sense a historian: Writer Namita Gokhale
New Delhi, Nov 24 : Even though noted author Namita Gokhale's latest book, "Things to Leave Behind", is a historical fiction and she does full justice to the genre in her work, the author believes that she is not a historian. Read Full Story

Rowling's screenplay reveals what the movie fails to (Book Review)
Title: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them; Author: J.K. Rowling; Publisher: Hachette (in collaboration with Little, Brown Book Group); Pages: 293; Price: Rs 699 Read Full Story

Author Jeff Kinney to deliver Penguin Annual Lecture
New Delhi, Nov 22 : Author Jeff Kinney will be delivering the tenth edition of The Penguin Annual Lecture on December 6 this year. Read Full Story

Battling terror on the city streets -- and its costs (Book Review)
Title: Soldier Spy; Author: Tom Marcus; Publisher: Michael Joseph/Penguin Random House UK; Pages: 326; Price: Rs 699 Read Full Story

Difficult to survive on dedication alone: Award-winning children's writer
New Delhi, Nov 21 : There was a time when authors wrote with honesty and dedication but got no recognition, money or awards but this dedication has now been lost, says Madhuri Purandare, the winner of the inaugural 'Big Little Book Award 2016 for best author in Marathi atthe Childrens Literature Category at the 2016 Tata Literature Live, Mumabi. Read Full Story

The lost glories of Bangalore (Book Review)
Title: Askew - A Short Biography of Bangalore; Author: T.J.S. George; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 116; Price: 299 Read Full Story

A remarkable Indian renaissance man in riddles (Book Review)
Title: Amir Khusrau - The Man in Riddles; Author: Ankit Chadha; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 96; Price: Rs 299 Read Full Story

Telling the City of Grace's story: Lucknow's diligent biographer (Column: Bookends)
The very name of Lucknow, its 'nazakat' and 'nafasat' still evokes a sense of elegant refinement and culture that no other city in India, or even around the world, can aspire to or has maintained. But if you ask anyone how this came about or what it entailed, most, including many from the city, would find it hard to answer. Thankfully, for this, we can turn to one of the most illustrious Lakhnavis, an indefatigable writer who chronicled all facets of the city and its residents' life. Read Full Story

Shivshankar Menon's new book throws light on India's foreign policy
New Delhi, Nov 18 : Former Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon has penned an insiders account of the decision-making process of Indias foreign policy in his new book, "Choices: Inside the Making of Indias Foreign Policy", that hit the stores on Friday. Read Full Story

Come with caution: Tales of twisted and lethal sex (Book Review)
Title: Wet; Author: Tanveer Bookwala; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 189; Price: Rs 299 Read Full Story

Of success, business and elections (Books This Weekend)
New Delhi, Nov 18 : Get a partner in your journey towards spectacular success, learn valuable lessons if starting a new business or managing an existing one, wade through some excellent case studies from historic elections and flick through the story of a woman who finds her own worth after marriage -- and works towards self-emancipation. Read Full Story

Of hope and despair: 40 years with tigers (Book Review)
Title: Living with Tigers; Author: Valmik Thapar; Publisher: Aleph; Pages: 206; Price: 599 Read Full Story

Jaipur Lit Fest to support emerging writers
New Delhi, Nov 17 : For the first time, Jaipur BookMark, the B2B segment of the Jaipur Literature Festival, will invite budding authors to share a synopsis of their work, which will be assessed by a panel of literary agents, publishers and critics, it was announced on Thursday. Read Full Story

Stories of girls from multiple generations
New Delhi, Nov 17 : From the cotton fields of Telengana to the dark alleys of Kolkata and the dusty, open fields of Uttar Pradesh, a new book brings stories from girls who find their way through storms of body and mind, love and ambition, the complexity of their own personalities, as well their worlds. Read Full Story

Negotiating the world by the nose, the doggy way (Book Review)
Title: Being A Dog; Author: Alexandra Horowitz; Publisher: Simon and amp; Schuster UK; Pages: 336; Price: Rs 550 Read Full Story

Dark and provocative, Taslima Nasrin's latest memoir a tribute to Kolkata (Book Review)
Title: Exile - A Memoir; Author: Taslima Nasrin (Translated from Bengali by Maharghya Chakraborty); Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 342; Price: 599 Read Full Story

Quo Vadis, Russia? Attempting some answers (Book Review)
Title: Russia - What Everyone Needs to Know; Author: Timothy J. Colton; Publisher: Oxford University Press; Pages: 287; Price: Rs 695 Read Full Story

Straddling romance and revolution: Faiz's tumultuous life (Book Review)
Title: Love and Revolution: Faiz Ahmed Faiz - The Authorised Biography; Author: Ali Madeeh Hashmi; Publisher: Rupa Publications India; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

Dancing with Yasser Arafat and other escapades of a writer (Book Review)
Title: The Pigeon Tunnel - Stories from My Life; Author: John Le Carre; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

The Soviet spy who foxed the Nazis - and inspired a hundred jokes (Column: Bookends)
Spy fiction we have been used to for years had Soviet/Russian agents as the bad, ruthless guys. Though there were exceptions - the KGB chief in Frederick Forsyth's "The Negotiator", in some James Bond films, Ilya Kurakin in "The Man from UNCLE" and even Vladimir Putin (initially), they were in supporting roles. But this situation wasn't for lack of availability - a Soviet super-spy still regales his countrymen, but is virtually unknown in the outside world. Read Full Story

An Arab Spring version of Aladdin? (Book Review)
Title: A Whole New World - A Twisted Tale; Author: Liz Braswell; Publisher: Paragon Publishing; Pages: 384; Price: Rs 395 Read Full Story

Of gifts, tigers and letters ( Books This Weekend)
New Delhi, Nov 11 : Flick through inspiring stories of powerful gifts; read about the Sundarbans, a vast tangle of mangrove swamp and tidal delta that India and Bangladesh share. Wade through a rare view of the world where borders are fluid, and read an inspiring story of joy, suffering and medicine that takes readers from the jungles of Bangladesh to the US. Read Full Story

Eli Lilly, Disney to release books for kids with diabetes
New Delhi, Nov 10 : Pharma major Eli Lilly India, in partnership with Disney Publishing Worldwide, on Thursday announced the release of custom books for children suffering with Type 1 diabetes in India, the company said. Read Full Story

Explaining Trump's rise and other strange things (Book Review)
Title: Winning Arguments -- What Works and Doesnt Work in Politics, the Bedroom, the Courtroom, and the Classroom; Author: Stanley Fish; Publisher: Harper; Pages: 224; Price: Rs 399 Read Full Story

Demystifying life's daunting subjects, the Ashwin Sanghi way
New Delhi, Nov 9 : It started off as a stand-alone, then expanded to a 13-book series. Now, says Ashwin Sanghi, one of India's highest-selling authors, his "13 Steps" primers might even go beyond that number. In fact, three of the books are already in the pipeline. Read Full Story

The ISI, Pakistan and South Asia: A dark, intertwined history (Book Review)
Title: Faith, Unity, Discipline - The Inter-Service Intelligence of Pakistan; Author: Hein G. Kiessling; Publisher: Harper Collins India; Pages: 320; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

Making a difference in our world - the third Clinton's ideas (Book Review)
Title: It's Your World - Get Informed, Get Inspired and amp; Get Going!; Author: Chelsea Clinton; Publisher: Penguin Random House; Pages: 416; Price: Rs 550 Read Full Story

Loyalty to country, government aren't same: Author Rana Ayyub
New Delhi, Nov 6 : Loyalty to the country does not necessarily mean loyalty to the government, says author Rana Ayyub, whose self-published book on the 2002 Gujarat riots has become a major hit and gone into its second edition. Read Full Story

Making our futile but necessary lives meaningful Camus' Absurd way (Column: Bookends)
All religions are based on fate, or some divine design and control over humans, and so are some philosophies (the universe conspiring to help you attain something you want, as Paulo Coelho says in "The Alchemist"). But also influential is the opposite view of an indifferent or even hostile universe, and foremost among its champions was this French thinker, whose untimely and unexpected death at the height of his prowess may prove the point. Read Full Story

'Gurkha invasion resulted in first British colony in Solan hills' (Book Review)
Book: Solana, Mosaic of Experiences; Author: Minakshi Chaudhary; Publisher: District Cultural Council of Solan; Pages: 120; Price: Rs 1,000 Read Full Story

Love, struggles and call centre scams ( Books This Weekend)
New Delhi, Nov 4 : Read the story of a woman searching for a world where she will find love, delve into the interesting story of a desirable girl being chased by plenty of guys. Wade through the tale of a boy who discovers the peculiarities of life while battling with cancer and educate yourself about the lesser-known world of call-centre scams. Read Full Story

Alienation? The Alien visit and invasion of Modi's India (Book Review)
Title: Unreal Aliens; Author: Karthik Laxman; Publisher: Penguin Random House India; Pages: 240; Price: Rs 199 Read Full Story

'Lack of consensus hampering holistic action on cyber security' (Book Review)
Book: Securing Cyberspace - International and Asian Perspective; Editors: Cherian Samuel and amp; Munish Sharma; Publisher: Pentagon Press; Pages: 346; Price: Rs 1,295/$34.95 Read Full Story

A gallery of unique scenarios for solving serious problems (Book Review)
Title: The Infinite Tortoise - The Curious Thought Experiments of History's Great Thinkers; Author: Joel Levy; Publisher: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd/Hachette India ; Pages: 190; Price: Rs 250 Read Full Story

Thailand's crown prince to be confirmed king Dec 1
Bangkok, Nov 2 : Thailand is making preparations for Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn to be named as the country's new king on December 1, a media report said. Read Full Story

The Modi-fication of India's foreign policy (Book Review)
Title: Modi Doctrine: The Foreign Policy of India's Prime Minister; Author: Sreeram Chaulia; Publisher: Bloomsbury; Pages: 251; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

The Sun Temple of Konark: Impassioned plea for a new structure (Book Review)
Book: The Sun Temple of Konark; Author: Anil Dey; Publisher: Niyogi Books; Pages: 467; Price: Rs 1,495/USD40/25 pounds Read Full Story

Jaipur Literature Festival: Names of 10 more speakers announced
Jaipur, Nov 1 : The Jaipur Literature Festival on Tuesday announced the names of 10 more speakers who will appear at its January 2017 edition. Read Full Story

Differing worldviews: Obama, Clinton and US foreign policy (Book Review)
Title: Alter Egos - Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, And the Twilight Struggle over American Power; Author: Mark Landler; Publisher: WH Allen/Penguin Random House; Pages: 433; Price: Rs 699 Read Full Story

Vibrant, diverse nature and its surprising connections with humanity (Book Review)
Title: Natural Histories - 25 Extraordinary Species that Have Changed Our World; Authors: Brett Westwood and amp; Stephen Moss; Publisher: John Murray/Hachette India; Pages: 448; Price: Rs 599 Read Full Story

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