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by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

Indian Musical Instruments

India being a country with diversified languages, religions, cultures, and traditions has also a very diverse range of musical instruments. These instruments have evolved over centuries with each instrument having its own history behind its evolution.

Many of the instruments have evolved from simple forms with folk background to modern exquisite instruments capable of producing a varied pitch and range of octaves.
The Indian musical instruments can be categorized into the following groups.

• String Instruments

o Sitar
o Violin
o Tanpura
o Sarod
o Santoor
o Sarangi
o Dilruba
o Esraj
o Ektara
o Gopichand
o Saraswati Veena
o Rudra Veena
o Vichitra Veena
o Swaramandal

• Wind Instruments

o Harmonium
o Flute
o Nagaswaram and Shehnai
o Pungi

• Percussion Instruments

o Tabla
o Dhap
o Mridangam
o Chenda
o Dholak
o Pakhawaj
o Nagara
o Khol
o Madal
o Thavil
o Damroo
o Dhol
o Ghatam

• Effect Instruments

o Kabbas
o Ghungroo
o Manjira
o Chimta

• Miscellaneous Instruments

o Chitraveena
o Jaltarang
o Morsing
o Shankh
o Kombu


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