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by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

Nayika Bhava in Indian Dance

The moods of heroine are depicted through Nayika Bhava.
There are eight bhavas known as the Ashtanayika bhava.

They are as follows.
• Abhisarika
• Kalahantarika
• Khandita
• Proshitapathika
• Swadheenapathika
• Vasakasajjika
• Virahotkantita
• Vipralabda

The Abhisarika is the one who boldly goes out to meet her lover.

The Kalahantarika is the one who is repenting her hastiness in quarrelling with her lover, resulting in their separation.

The Khandita is the one who is angry with her lover for causing her disappointment.

The Proshitapathika is the one who is suffering and missing her beloved who is away on a long journey.

The Swadheenapathika is the one who is proud of her beloved's love and loyalty.

The Vasakasajjika is the one who is preparing for the arrival of her beloved, by decorating herself and her surroundings to provide a pleasant welcome for her lover.

The Virahotkantita is the one who is separated from her lover and is yearning for reunion.

The Vipralabda is the one who is disappointed that her lover has not turned up at the tryst as he promised.

There are other classifications of the Nayika bhave such as the Mugdha, who is inexperienced in love, the Madhya who is partly experienced in love and the Pragalbha who is mature in the art of love. This Pragalbha Nayika is further classified as the Dheera, the Adheera, the Dheeraadheera, the sweeya, the Parakeeya, the Samanya, the Jyeshta, the Kanishta.

Further classifications include the Uttama, who is self-controlled and tolerant, the Madhyama, who is literally the middle one giving as she gets and Adhama, who is literally the low one, who has no self restraint.

The Companion to the Nayika plays an important role in any padam, javali or Ashtapadi.

The classification of the companion types of Nayika in classical Indian dance includes

Daasi - Servant
Sakhi - Friend
Kaaroo - Woman from a lower caste
Chatriya - Step Sister
Prativamshini - Neighbour
Lindini - Saint
Shilpani - Artist
Swaa - Nayika herself as a messenger


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