India - Nayaka Bhava

by V.A.Ponmelil (All rights reserved by the author)

Nayaka Bhava in Indian Dance

Similar to those of heroines, the moods and emotions of the hero are also classified into different types.
The main types are

• Dheerodaatta
• Dheeroddhat
• Dheeralalita
• Dheerashanta

Another classification has the Pati or the one who is married and faithful to his wife, the Upapati or the one who is married but in love with another woman and the Vaisika or the one who pays and enjoys women.

Further classification includes the Anukoola or the one who is faithful to the Woman like Lord Rama, the Dakshina or the one who loves all his wives or women like Arjuna, the Drishta or the one who when rejected, pleads to be accepted by his woman like Vaali and the Shatha or the one who is deceitful like Lord Krishna.

Most of the ashtanayika bhavas are also experienced by the Nayaka. Even the Nayaka's Companion plays an important role. The classification of the companion types of Nayaka in classical Indian dance includes

• Peetamardhana
• Vita
• Cheta
• Vidooshaka

Thus, Indian classical dance is an art totally impersonal, objective, traditional, deliberate and elaborate in technique and appeal. The Sangeet Natak Akademi has given the classical status to eight dances of India. They are

1. Bharatanatyam
2. Kathak
3. Kathakali
4. Kuchipudi
5. Manipuri
6. Mohiniaattam
7. Odissi
8. Sattriya



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