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Tooth loss may lead to memory decline

London, Dec 19 : The memory and walking speeds of older adults who have lost all of their natural teeth decline more rapidly than in those who still have some of their own teeth, finds research.

Global life expectancy increases by more than six years

London, Dec 19 : Life expectancy around the world increased by 6.2 years between 1990 and 2013, according to a study published by The Lancet.

Two pieces of fruit a day help fight depression: Study

Sydney, Dec 18 : Eating at least two pieces of fruit like apples daily helps in preventing depression, especially in middle-aged women, according to a study published Thursday by Australian scientists.

Keeping fit does help avoid developing hypertension

Washington, Dec 18 : People who keep fit face lesser chance of developing hypertension, says a new research.

53 existing drugs may keep Ebola infection at bay

Washington, Dec 18 : Scientists have found 53 already approved that may block the Ebola virus from entering human cells.

More often you weigh yourself, the more weight you lose

Washington, Dec 18 : A new research has revealed that dieters weighing themselves frequently lose more weight than their counterparts.

Lens-free microscope to detect cancer

Washington, Dec 18 : Providing a ray of hope for cancer patients, researchers have developed a lens-free microscope that can be used to detect the presence of cancer.

Anti-diabetic drug new hope for TB patients

Singapore, Dec 18 : A study has found that metformin (MET), a drug for treating diabetes can also be used to boost the efficacy of tuberculosis (TB) medication without inducing drug resistance.

Broccoli can reduce premature ageing in kids

London, Dec 18 : A substance found in broccoli can reduce disease-related defects in children who suffer from Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome (HGPS).

Check your weight once a week to lose fat!

London, Dec 18 : It may seem a bit bizarre but researchers have found that how often you step on the scale to measure weight is linked to weight loss - the more is the frequency, the faster you slim down.

Migraine may double facial paralysis risk

Taipei, Dec 18 : Migraine may double the risk of a nervous system condition that causes facial paralysis called Bell's palsy, new research says.

53 existing drugs may block Ebola

Washington, Dec 18 : In a ray of hope against the deadly Ebola virus, researchers have found that 53 existing drugs may help keep the virus from entering human cells - a key step in the process of infection.

Yoga may help in improving cardiovascular disease risk factors

Washington, Dec 17 : A new study has revealed yoga may help in managing and improving cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Why introverts have more power at work place than extroverts

Washington, Dec 17 : A new study has revealed that introverted employees are more likely to give low evaluations of JOB performance to extroverted co-workers, giving introverts a powerful role in workplaces that rely on peer-to-peer evaluation tools for awarding raises, bonuses or promotions.

How brain deciphers what smells good or bad

London, Dec. 17 : A new study provided a deeper insight into how the brain can distinguish between good and bad smells.

Low glycemic index diets not necessarily beneficial for hearts, diabetes

Washington, Dec 17 : A new research has indicated that a low glycemic diet does not improve insulin sensitivity, lipid levels or blood pressure.

Cocaine users more at suicide risk

Montreal, Dec 17 : People injecting drugs like cocaine are at a double-fold risk of developing suicidal behaviour, say researchers.

Ebola virus spreads in social clusters

New York, Dec 17 : Transmission of the deadly Ebola virus occurs in social clusters, an analysis of the ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa has suggested.

Lifestyle linked to changes in brain ageing: Study

London, Dec 17 : Making basic lifestyle changes could help to prevent the onset of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, according to new analysis by British health charity Age UK.

Domestic violence could affect baby in womb

New York, Dec 17 : Researchers have found that domestic violence could affect children even before they are born.

Eye tracking technology can gauge brain injury

New York, Dec 17 : Researchers have developed a new technology that can assess the location and impact of a brain injury merely by tracking the eye movements of patients as they watch television for less than four minutes.

Alcohol blackouts not funny at all

New York, Dec 17 : Some people think that alcohol-related blackouts, bad hangovers and outrageous behaviour at parties are funny. It is actually not.

Music sparks language development in poor kids

New York, Dec 17 : Researchers have found that children from poor socio-economic backgrounds, who regularly attended music classes show larger improvements in how the brain processes speech and reading scores.

People may inherit bad 'gut' bacteria: Study

New York, Dec 17 : A study has found that people may inherit some intestinal bacteria that cause Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis, collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Extra vitamin E can protect against pneumonia

New York, Dec 17 : A little extra intake of vitamin E can help regulate an ageing immune system, protecting the body from a bacterial infection that commonly causes pneumonia, a research has found.

Wrinkle banishing pills could also be key to beating ageing

London, Dec 16 : Scientists claim that the pills for putting a stop to wrinkles and could also be the key to beating ageing.

Why some people choose junk over healthy food when it comes to midnight snacking

Washington, Dec 16 : A new study has shed light on why some people pick junk over healthy food when it comes to midnight snacking.

Delaying cutting of umbilical cord by 2 mins good for newborns

Washington, Dec 16 : Scientists have claimed that delay in cutting of the umbilical cord by 2 minutes makes newborns develop better in their first days of their lives.

Kids who skip meals likelier to face obesity, cardiometabolic risk

Washington, Dec 16 : Kids between the ages of 6 to 8 years who skip their meals face increased obesity and cardiometabolic risk, according to a new Finnish study.

Expectant fathers too go through prenatal hormonal changes

Washington, Dec 16 : It turns out that it isn't just expectant mom's who experience prenatal hormonal changes, as men who are soon to be dad's to go through them.

Burnout sure shot recipe for depression

Washington, Dec 16 : A new research has suggested a strong connection between burnout and depression.

German homeopathy remedies to be made in India

Kolkata, Dec 16 : The know-how behind German homeopathic remedies for ten ailments will be shared with Indian experts to facilitate their production locally with indigenous resources, it was announced here Tuesday.

Black tea shields from alcohol-induced tummy ulcers

Kolkata, Dec 16 : Black tea, known for its immunity boosting potential, can also help prevent and mitigate the effects of stomach ulcers caused by alcohol consumption, a scientist said here.

Even men have hormonal changes on way to fatherhood

New York, Dec 16 : Not just mothers, even fathers go through hormonal changes as the date of delivery comes closer, finds a study.

Do not consume unnecessary antibiotics

Washington, Dec 16 : Contrary to popular perception, researchers have found that consuming an unnecessary amount of antibiotics could lead to antibiotic resistance, a major public health concern.

Feeling burnt out leads to depression

New York, Dec 16 : If you feel burnt out often, check for depression signs as researchers have found a definite link between the two.

Most heart attack patients not given sex counselling

Washington, Dec 16 : A study has found that most heart attack patients do not receive counselling regarding when to resume sexual activity.

Delay in cutting umbilical cord good for newborns

London, Dec 16 : Delaying the cutting of umbilical cord in newborns by two minutes leads to a better development of the baby during the first days of life, shows a study.

Feel young and live longer

London, Dec 16 : Feeling younger than the actual age might be good for older people, say British researchers.

Skipping meals make kids obese

London, Dec 16 : Children who skip any of the main meals - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and cling on to sugary foods are more likely to have excess body fat and an increased risk of having diabetes, heart disease or stroke, research has found.

Start yoga to cut heart disease risk

New York, Dec 16 : If you are unable to hit the gym or go on a morning walk, begin yoga at home to cut your cardiovascular disease risk.

First menstrual cycle age linked to heart disease risk

London, Dec 16 : A study of over a million women has shown that women who had their first menstrual cycle at age 10 or younger, or age 17 or older, may be at higher risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and complications of high blood pressure.

This protein may help regulate fat levels in humans

Washington, Dec 15 : A new study has revealed that the protein, which regulates protein production, can also control fat levels.

How to maintain weight after shedding the pounds revealed

Washington, Dec 15 : A new research has revealed that the challenge of long-term weight control, which every individual going through weight loss faces, is because of different genetic, epigenetic and neuro-hormones in the bodies.

Alcohol abuse can lead to serious lung conditions: US expert

Kolkata, Dec 15 : Alcohol abuse can expose one to life threatening lung conditions, an American scientist said here Monday, suggesting Indian teenagers should refrain from excesses.

Follow these 5 golden rules to slash risk of dementia

London, Dec 15 : Making 5 key lifestyle changes can help you slash risk of developing dementia by one-third, according to a news research.

How to ward off 'holiday heartburn'

Washington, Dec. 15 : President Obama's recent diagnosis of acid reflux helped in prompting wide awareness of an ailment that is especially prevalent at the time of holiday season; however, its complications can be avoided.

'Slim chance of Ebola virus passing through organ donation'

Washington, Dec 15 : The risk of the Ebola virus passing from organ donor to recipient is extremely small, experts suggest.

Excessive Facebook use could lead to poor impulse control

New York, Dec 15 : Excessive online social networking is not only addictive but can be associated with other disorders involving poor impulse control that can lead to substance abuse, a new research shows.

Chocolates keep you healthy, happy

London, Dec 15 : It's a well known fact that too much consumption of sugar is bad for health. But a little bit of sugar in moderation isn't as terrible as one thought, say researchers.

E-cigarettes exposing rising number of kids to nicotine

Washington, Dec 15 : A US study has suggested the e-cigarettes have hooked a new generation of children to nicotine who otherwise might not have taken up smoking at all.

Reprogramming of white fat cells can lead to obesity treatments

Washington, Dec 14 : A new research has revealed that white fat cells can be converted into brown cells through a mechanism, that will help in burning body fat and ultimately provide possible approach for treating obesity.

Chronic lack of sleep, sleep-related breathing problems may double obesity risk in kids

Washington, Dec 14 : A new study has revealed that sleep-related breathing problems and chronic lack of sleep may each double the risk of a child becoming obese by age 15.

Diet rich in salt major reason behind headaches

Washington, Dec 14 : a new study has revealed that diets high in salty foods are a major culprit in headaches.

Memory lapses put highly educated at greater stroke risk

London, Dec 14 : People who have attained a high level of education and also complain about memory lapses face a higher risk of a stroke, says a study, adding that the results apply evenly to men and women.

Brain inflammation may lead to autism

London, Dec 14 : Whereas the exact cause of autism is still not known, researchers have shown that the disease is related to inflammation in the brain, thereby providing a ray of hope for its cure.

Gout attacks more common at nights

New York, Dec 14 : A new study has found that the risk of acute gout attacks is more than two times higher during the night or early morning hours than it is in the daytime.

Breast cancer affects men and women differently

New York, Dec 14 : Breast cancer impacts men and women differently and men do not fare as well as female patients in survival rates, a new research shows.

Yoga Day is India's pride: Modi

New Delhi, Dec 14 : The UN decision to declare June 21 as the International Day of Yoga "is a matter of great pride for India", Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Sunday.

Reprogramming fat cells to treat obesity

London, Dec 14 : Using advanced genome sequencing technologies, researchers have uncovered the mechanism by which white fat cells from humans get reprogrammed to turn browner, thereby helping to burn fat.

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