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Fuel cell technology gets a boost

Washington, Aug 22 : In an impetus for fuel cell technology to build "smart" cars, scientists at Stanford University have developed a low-cost, emissions-free device that uses an ordinary AAA battery to produce hydrogen by water electrolysis.

Your blood sample can tell what you are eating

London, Aug 22 : If you are not strictly following the dietary recommendations advised by your doctor, you may no longer be able to fake it as researchers have found a way to measure adherence to diet from your blood sample.

Insulin may treat acute pancreatitis

London, Aug 22 : Insulin, which is normally released from the beta cells of the pancreas, can protect the cells of the pancreas from acute pancreatitis - a disease for which there is currently no treatment, says a study.

Fluorine in toothpaste came from sun's dead ancestors!

Washington, Aug 22 : The fluorine in your toothpaste was likely formed billions of years ago in now dead stars of the same type as our sun, astronomers said.

Mutated polio virus resists vaccine protection

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed that mutated polio virus which resists the vaccine's protection could pose a serious threat.

Lasers may soon make painful pin pricks history for diabetics

Washington, Aug 22 : Researchers have a developed a new laser device that could allow diabetic patients to check their blood sugar level without pricking themselves to draw blood.

Double vaccine can effectively boost immunity in polio patients

Washington, Aug 22 (ANI: A new study has revealed that giving combined polio vaccines can effectively boost immunity in patients.

New 'man, machine' system provides for improved malaria diagnosis

Washington, Aug 22 : Researchers have found a new 'man and machine' decision support system, which provides more effective diagnosis for malaria than the traditional methods.

Objectifying female partner's bodies increases sexual pressure on them

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed that objectifying women's body in a relationship might lead to sexual pressure and coercion.

Sleep helps in learning piano 'like' body movement sequences

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed that sleep is an important factor in the learning of body's movement as it helps to learn sequences of movements just like playing piano.

Autistic kids have 'too' many synapses in brain

Washington, Aug 22 : A new study has revealed that autistic children and adolescents have extra synapses in the brain.

Soon, laser device to measure blood sugar levels

Washington, Aug 22 : Diabetics may soon monitor their blood glucose levels without pricking themselves to draw blood as researchers have developed a way to use a laser to measure people's blood sugar.

Are you suffering from smartphone-loss anxiety disorder?

Toronto, Aug 22 : If you consistently live in the denial mode of losing your smartphone, remember that once it happens, you are the one at a greater risk of developing smartphone-loss anxiety disorder.

Breastfeeding linked to lower risk of postnatal depression

London, Aug 22 : A new study involving 10,000 mothers has shown that women who breastfed their babies were at significantly lower risk of postnatal depression than those who did not.

Smartphone app to detect underlying heart condition

New York, Aug 22 : How about an app that can detect in a jiffy if you are suffering from atrial fibrillation (AF), a serious type of heart arrhythmia that is often a precursor to stroke?

Common cold may temporarily increase stroke risk in kids

Washington, Aug 21 : A new research has suggested that common cold infections are temporarily linked to increased stroke risk in vulnerable children.

Blocking 'chili pepper receptors' may be panacea for pain

Washington, Aug 21 : Scientists have revealed that blocking the receptor that reacts to chili and pepper, could relieve one off pain.

Sleepless teens likelier to get obese

Washington, Aug 21 : A new study has demonstrated that teenagers who get less than six hours of sleep a night might be at risk of being obese as compared to their peers who sleep more than eight hours.

Obesity in 30's increases risk of dementia in later life

Washington, Aug 21 : A new study has found that people who are obese in their early to mid-life face more risk of dementia in their later lives, with the ones in their 30's facing triple the risk.

Teenage sleeplessness may lead to obesity

Washington, Aug 21 : Teenagers who do not get enough sleep may tend to become obese in course of time, says a new research.

Same mechanism behind both forms of diabetes

New York, Aug 21 : Both major forms of diabetes -- type-1 and type-2 -- result from the same mechanism, suggests a 20-year-long research.

Coming, smartphones that correct vision

New York, Aug 21 : You can soon kiss goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses as future smartphones can adjust the display screen for better visibility for you.

Botox could help treat stomach cancers!

Washington, Aug 21 : Scientists have suggested that Botox, the popular wrinkle eraser, could also be effective in treating stomach cancers.

Pain pills less effective in irritable bowel syndrome

Sydney, Aug 21 : Australian researchers have discovered that the immune system is defective in people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and this renders pain treatment ineffective in such people.

Seals may have spread tuberculosis to humans: Study

Washington, Aug 21 : In a bizarre turn of events, research shows that tuberculosis likely spread from humans in Africa to seals and sea lions that brought the disease to South America.

Want a healthy heart? Tickle your ears

Washington, Aug 20 : A new study has found that tickling in ears stimulates the nerves which could perk up the health of your heart.

New vaccine offers 'stronger protection' against tuberculosis, leprosy

Washington, Aug 20 : Scientists have discovered a new vaccine for tuberculosis and leprosy that could provide considerably stronger defense against both the diseases than the existing ones.

Indian zebrafish provides deeper insight into Alzheimer's disease

Washington, Aug 20 : Zebrafish, which are originally from India, but also a popular aquarium fish, has helped researchers to obtain a deeper insight into the Alzheimer's disease.

Laser optical tweezers provide insights into malaria parasites' RBC invasion

Washington, August 20 : Researchers have found interactions between the malaria-causing parasite and red blood cells using a tool called laser optical tweezers.

'Aerobically fit' kids have more compact brain white-matter

Washington, Aug 20 : A new study has revealed that kids who are more aerobically fit have more fibrous and compact white-matter tracts in the brain than their peers who are less fit.

Common antibiotic increases chances of heart failure

Washington, Aug 20 : A new study has revealed that an antibiotic, which is widely used for treating common bacterial infections, is linked to an increased risk of heart death.

How brain can multitask better

Toronto, Aug 20 : Cooking while having a conversation, watching a movie while browsing the Web, or driving while listening to a radio show - multitasking is an essential skill in our daily lives. Make it better now.

Take a Metro ride to lose extra kilos

London, Aug 20 : Want to try a sure-shot way of losing extra flab? Leave your car at home and try public transport instead.

'Tickle' your ears for a super heart

London, Aug 20 : How often do you want to kill that itchy feeling in your ears? Well if we believe researchers, tickling your ears can actually improve the health of your heart!

New vaccine offers protection against tuberculosis, leprosy

Washington, Aug 20 : In a breakthrough, US researchers have found that an improved tuberculosis vaccine can offer strong protection against leprosy.

Scientists discover two new Vaccines that can prevent spread of meningitis by nearly 40 pc

Washington, Aug 18 : Scientists have revealed that they have discovered two new vaccines that can prevent the transmission of meningitis bacteria from person to person by nearly 40 percent.

Women have 'more varied orgasm experiences' than men

Washington, August 19 : A new study has found that women have less predictable, more varied orgasm experiences than men.

Molecules vital for internal body-clock tuning identified

Washington, August 19 : Researchers have found a type of molecule known as long non-coding RNA which is responsible for regulating the internal body clocks.

Smoking during pregnancy affects future grandkids' growth

Washington, Aug 18 : A new study has revealed that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandkids.

BP pills not the reason for falling, fracturing bones

London, Aug 19 : A new study has recently revealed that people taking intensive blood pressure medication are not prone to falling and breaking bones.

Friendly social network helps reduce heart attack risk

Washington, Aug 19 : A new study has demonstrated that residing with neighbors who help in difficult times and a friendly local community can help to control heart attack risk.

Taking antibiotics at early age could strengthen immunity

Washington, Aug 19 : A new study has claimed that consumption of antibiotics in early life can increase human body's long-term defense against specific diseases.

Cholesterol drug lowers heart attack risk in diabetic women

Sydney, Aug 19 : Australian researchers have found that a cholesterol-lowering drug can lower cardiovascular disease risks by 30 percent in women with type-2 diabetes.

Smoking in pregnancy may affect grandkids' growth

London, Aug 19 : British researchers have found that smoking during pregnancy has discernible effects on the growth of a woman's future grandchildren.

Yoga boosts brain power in the elderly

New York, Aug 19 : Practicing hatha yoga three times a week can improve sedentary adults' performance on cognitive tasks that are relevant to everyday life, a promising study indicates.

Bond with neighbours to reduce heart attack risk

New York, Aug 19 : Friendly neighbours may be good for your heart. Researchers have found that bonding well with your neighbours might extend social support network which is linked to lower cardiovascular disease risk.

New genetic basis for sex determination discovered

New York, Aug 19 : Not just the X and Y chromosome but a subset of very small genes also play a key role in differentiating male and female tissues in the fruit fly, researchers reported.

Work stress raises diabetes risk by nearly 50pc

London, August 18 : A new study has found that high level of stress at work raises the risk of type 2 diabetes by 45 percent.

Cancer pill gives new hope for 'alopecia' sufferers

London, Aug 18 : A pill given to cancer patients, which helped them gain hair within 5 months has given new hope to sufferers of Alopecia, a disease that leads to partial or total hair loss.

How early changes in DNA methylation affects Alzheimer's disease revealed

Washington, Aug 18 : A new study has revealed reveals how early changes in brain DNA methylation are involved in Alzheimer's disease.

Stem cell study reveals how genetic variations linked to mental illness affects neuron

Washington, Aug 18 : A new study of stem cells has revealed how a genetic variation linked to schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and severe depression affects connections among neurons in the developing brain.

Man's virginity pledge could cause sexual confusion post-wedding

Washington, Aug 18 : A new study has demonstrated that young men who pledge to remain virgins until their marriages, could lead to them experiencing sexual confusion even after their wedding days.

Taking pain out of the prick of the needle

New Delhi, Aug 18 : Patients no longer need put off blood tests for fear of painful needle prick. Butterfly needles are here, making blood collection a pain-free exercise.

Anaemia common in north Indian children: Study

New Delhi, Aug 18 : Anaemia is exceptionally common in children from north India, especially in affluent sections of the population, says a study.

'Women seeking anti-ageing therapy to treat menopausal symptoms'

New York, Aug 18 : More US women are seeking hormonal treatments for menopausal symptoms from anti-ageing clinicians, feeling that conventional doctors do not take their suffering seriously, according to a new study.

High-intensity exercise 'safe' in heart transplant patients

Washington, Aug 18 : High-intensity exercise can help stable heart transplant patients reach higher levels of exercise capacity and gain better control of their blood pressure than moderate intensity exercise, a study indicates.

How some cancer cells migrate to distant locations

New York, Aug 18 : Some cancer cells transform themselves from "economy model to a fast sports car" and breakaway from cells traffic jam to migrate to distant locations, aggravating the disease in the process, says a study.

Risky situations fuel anxiety among women

New York, Aug 18 : Risky situations in any setting increases anxiety among women, leading them to perform worse under stressed circumstances, finds a new study.

New drug restores hair growth in human trials

Washington, Aug 18 : Researchers from the Columbia University have restored hair in patients suffering from alopecia areata - a common autoimmune disease that causes hair loss.

Risky behavior in teens may be caused by imbalances in brains' emotional networks

Washington, Aug 17 : A new study has revealed that connections between certain brain regions are amplified in teens that are more prone to risk.

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