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Poultry industry misleading people: CSE

New Delhi, Aug 28 : The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) Thursday rubbished claims made by the poultry industry that antibiotic residues found in Indian chicken were lower than the EU standard and accused it of "misleading" the people.

Israeli expert helps in increasing pomegranate production

New Delhi, Aug 28 : To help Indian farmers in achieving healthy yield in pomegranate production, Israeli experts visited India to update scientists and farmers on the new technologies available to increase the production of fruit, an official with the embassy said Thursday.

Budget 2014-15 first not to sideline agriculture: Minister

New Delhi Aug 27 : The union budget presented last month is the first since India's independence that has accorded agriculture its rightful place in the country's economic scheme of things, Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said Wednesday.

HPMC to procure 89,496 tonnes of apples

Shimla, Aug 24 : The state-run Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation (HPMC), which is mainly into marketing apple juice concentrate, will procure 89,496 tonnes of apples this year, an official said here Sunday.

Now, a nutrition expert for plants (Agriculture Feature)

By Vishal Gulati, Shimla, Aug 21 : Move over nutritionists for men and women. Here comes a nutrition expert for fruit-bearing plants who helps growers in Himachal Pradesh reap bumper high quality harvests.

Genetically edited fruits a reality soon

London, Aug 14 : Soon eat apples that do not get brown when cut or have super bananas that produce more vitamin A. With genetic engineering, 'smart' fruits are coming at a grocery store near you.

Indian agrochemical products improve agriculture activity in Nepal

New Delhi, Aug 7 : City based Krishi Rasayan Exports has been exporting agrochemicals to Nepal consistently for fructifying development in agriculture.

Adani to procure 30,000 tonnes of Himachal apple

Shimla, Aug 5 : Adani Agrifresh plans to procure 30,000 tonnes of apples in Himachal Pradesh this year, an official of the agro-commodities trading house said Tuesday.

India should follow Gujarat model in farming: Economist

New Delhi, Aug 4 : India should follow the Gujarat model on agriculture to achieve food security, says noted farm sector economist Ashok Gulati, adding this state alone has managed to log three times the nation's growth in this crucial sector.

Scientists oppose experiments on GM crops

New Delhi, Aug 1 : A group of scientists Friday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi protesting the Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee's decision to carry on experiments on GM crops as these adversely impact the environment.

Congress demands special package for drought-hit farmers

New Delhi, July 31 : The Congress Thursday sought a special package for farmers affected by floods and drought in the country.

Luscious, crunchy, Himachal apples tastier but costlier

By Vishal Gulati, Shimla, July 30 : Big, crunchy and luscious apples from Himachal Pradesh are tastier this time, but they are going to pinch your wallet more.

India needs to increase farm output, says Modi

New Delhi, July 29 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Tuesday said India needs to increase its per hectare productivity of crops to meet the growing demand.

Temperature rise affecting India's wheat production: Study

London, July 23 : The recent rise in temperatures is taking a toll on India's wheat production, an alarming study by geographers at the University of Southampton in Britain said.

World's hottest chilli becomes a profitable business for farmers in Manipur

Imphal, July 18 : It is widely known as 'Bhut jolokia' in Assam, 'Raja mirchi' in Nagaland and 'U-morok' in Manipur - the world's hottest chilli grown in different parts of the northeast has become a hot business for the locals in Manipur.

Health benefits of organic farming revealed

Washington, July 12 : A new study has recently documented the advantages of organic food and crops over their conventional counterparts.

How spider toxin can protect crops from insects

New York, July 11 : In a discovery that offers new ways to protect crops from insects, researchers have found that insecticides can be designed to target specific pests without harming beneficial species like bees.

Organic farming, connectivity among budget steps for northeast

New Delhi/Agartala/Guwahati, July 10 : Organic farming, agricultural research, surface connectivity, sports and entertainment are set to get a boost in northeast India with Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's first budget allocating funds for these purposes.

Price Stabilisation Fund for farmers

New Delhi, July 10 : The government will set up a Price Stabilisation Fund of Rs.500 crore to help farmers, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley announced Thursday while presenting the 2014-15 budget.

Kisan TV to provide real time information on agriculture

New Delhi, July 10 : Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Thursday said that a kisan (farmer) TV would be launched in 2014 to provide real time information on various issues related to farming and agriculture.

Agriculture minister calls for rapid development of dairy sector

New Delhi, July 3 : Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on Thursday has called for the rapid development of the dairy sector to meet the future demand of the country.

El Nino could hit Indian agriculture this monsoon

By Mayabhushan Nagvenkar, Panaji, July 2 : Factors as innocuous as the humble grain-carrying sack to the mighty El Nino could have a varying impact on grain production and delivery this year, experts suggest.

Agriculture ministry prepares plan to tackle possible drought in Western India

New Delhi, July 1 : Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on Tuesday said that his ministry is planning to submit a proposal to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the predicted drought situation in western India.

Now, instant payment to Punjab sugarcane growers too

Chandigarh, June 29 : The Punjab government Sunday announced that sugarcane growers in the state will get instant payment for their produce on the lines of wheat and paddy growing farmers.

Bengal launches seed mission

Kolkata, June 27 : The West Bengal government has launched a "State Seed Mission" to cater to 65 per cent of the state's seed demand in the next five years.

Agriculture minister to ICRISAT: Need to take research to farmers doorsteps

New Delhi, June 25 : Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh has exhorted the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid-Tropics (ICRISAT) to take research and technology to the doorstep of farmers.

Govt. to develop new aquaculture growth policy

Hyderabad, June 23 : The government is planning to develop a policy for aquaculture growth in the country.

Crop calendars for Bengal farmers

Kolkata, June 23 : Farmers in West Bengal now have a comprehensive guide for cultivation in the form of a 'Crop Calendar' - a 15-page booklet that gives them information regarding cropping practices.

Himachal to boost up rainbow trout production

Bharmour (Himachal Pradesh), June 22 : To boost production of exotic rainbow trout in the cool waters of this hill state, the government Sunday laid the foundation stone of a fish farm with an outlay of Rs.4 crore.

Himachal garlic finds a market in South India

By Vishal Gulati, Sirmaur/Shimla, June 19 : Sirmaur, the leading garlic-producing district of Himachal Pradesh, has seen a bumper garlic this season. The sowing area is also increasing. And, for the first time, the bulk of the crop has found a market in south Indian cities and the farmers are getting remunerative returns.

Karnataka organic farming experts meet Agriculture Minister

New Delhi, June 16 : Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh on Monday held detailed discussions with a team of experts from Karnataka on organic farming, to understand the salient features of successful experiments in the state in organic farming.

Known for its tea, Bengal forays into coffee cultivation

By Anurag Dey, Kolkata, June 15 : Known worldwide for its Darjeeling tea, West Bengal is now making its first foray into coffee cultivation, courtesy a joint initiative by the state government and the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (IIT-KGP).

Will make farming profitable with use of science: President

New Delhi, June 9 : The government is committed to reverse the "unfortunate trend" of many farmers being driven to suicide due to financial problems, and will make farming a "profitable venture" through scientific practices and agro-technology, President Pranab Mukherje said Monday.

Deficient rain hits tea production in northeast India

Sujit Chakraborty, Agartala, June 6 : Two northeastern states - Assam and Tripura - among India's five largest tea producing states are facing a huge production loss this year due to deficient or erratic rains, tea experts and producers say.

Haryana procures over 65 lakh tonnes of wheat

Chandigarh, June 2 : Over 65 lakh tonnes of wheat has been procured in Haryana this season, an official said Monday.

Agricultural productivity and climate change to influence drop in global malnutrition

Washington, May 30 : Researchers have said that global malnutrition could fall 84 percent by the year 2050 as incomes in developing countries grow - but only if agricultural productivity continues to improve and climate change does not severely damage agriculture.

Priority is fertilisers for kharif crop: Ananth Kumar

New Delhi, May 28 : Adequate and timely supply of fertilisers to all farmers for the upcoming kharif season is his first priority, new Chemicals and Fertilisers Minister Ananth Kumar said Wednesday.

Punjab pays record Rs.15,473 crore to farmers for wheat

Chandigarh, May 27 : With a bumper wheat crop in the state this year, the Punjab government has made a payment of Rs.15,473.15 crore to farmers for wheat procured by government agencies, an official said Tuesday.

New plantation project to boost mango farming, pulp yield

Mumbai, May 26 : At least 25,000 farmers cultivating over 50,000 acres of land in India are expected to benefit from a sustainable farming practice which has shown to more than double the average mango yields.

180 lakh tonnes wheat procured in Punjab, Haryana

Chandigarh, May 19 : Beating the record of recent years, Punjab and Haryana have procured over 180 lakh tonnes of wheat this season, officials said here Monday.

Punjab, Haryana procure 176 lakh tonnes of wheat

Chandigarh, May 13 : Food grain producing states Punjab and Haryana have procured nearly 176 lakh tonnes of wheat, officials from both states said Tuesday.

Soon, corns to grow in caves, mines

New York, May 13 : In view of growing concerns about genetically modified crops cross-contaminating other crops, scientists have now devised a way to grow dwarf corn stalks in caves and abandoned mines without affecting their yield.

Punjab, Haryana procure nearly 170 lakh tonnes wheat

Chandigarh, May 8 : Signalling a bumper crop this year, Punjab and Haryana have seen arrival of over 170 lakh tonnes of wheat, food and supplies officials from both states said Thursday.

Bumper crop - but no smiles on faces of Punjab's farmers

By Jaideep Sarin, Chandigarh, May 7 : A bumper wheat crop this season should have brought smiles on the faces of Punjab's hard-working farmers. But a variety of adverse circumstances, including the weather, has left them dispirited.

Bumper litchi crop expected in Bihar

Patna, May 1 : Bihar is expecting a bumper Shahi (royal) litchi crop this year - at least 20 percent more compared to last year.

Haryana wheat arrivals touch 56 lakh tonnes

Chandigarh, May 1 : Nearly 56 lakh tonnes of wheat has arrived in grain markets across Haryana, officials said here Thursday.

'Agriculture project helped farmers' income reach Rs.200,000'

New Delhi, April 29 : The National Agricultural Innovation Project (NAIP) has led to an increase in the annual income of farmers in 500 villages in India from Rs.15,000 to Rs.200,000, an official said here Tuesday.

Floriculture department in Kashmir offers treat to hobby growers

Srinagar, Apr.5 : The Floriculture Department in Jammu and Kashmir has started selling flower seedlings and saplings at subsidised rates to its residents, flower growers and enthusiasts, in the valley.

Economists say incentives needed to improve grain markets in India

New Delhi, March 19 : Even after the agricultural reforms of 2002-03, for wheat, rice, and pearl millet farmers in India, grain markets are still pretty sticky.

Don't commit suicide, Chavan's appeal to distraught farmers

Mumbai, March 19 : Alarmed by the renewed spate of farmers' suicides - at least 32 since Sunday - Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan Wednesday appealed to them not to end their lives.

Climate change will reduce crop yields sooner than believed

Washington, March 18 : Researchers have shown that global warming of only 2 degree Celsius will be detrimental to crops in temperate and tropical regions, with reduced yields after 2030s.

Plants may be more intelligent than previously believed

Washington, March 5 : Researchers have suggested that plants are more intelligent than we believe, insisting that they are also able to make complex decisions.

Bright pulses of light could make space grown veggies more nutritious

Washington, March 5 : Researchers have claimed that exposing leafy vegetables grown during spaceflight to a few bright pulses of light daily could increase the amount of eye-protecting nutrients produced by the plants.

Extensive damage to Agra's potato and mustard crop, farmers on warpath

Agra, March 4 : Farmers in Agra and its neighbouring districts are on the warpath demanding compensation for the heavy loss to standing potato and mustard crops by untimely rain and hailstorms.

Crops resilient to changing climate a near possibility

London, March 3 : A novel way of measuring how much light a plant can tolerate could be useful in growing crops resilient to changing climate, new research shows.

Tata's Jaguar Land Rover to invest USD 167 mn in Saudi plant

New Delhi, March 2 : Tata Motors-owned luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover is likely to invest 100 million pounds (USD 167.4 million) in a new plant in the Gulf kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Revolutionising Indian farming - with Israeli technology

By Rahul Vaishnavi, Gharaunda (Haryana), March 2 : Vertical farming, drip irrigation, soil solarisation and the like were terms that mystified Deepak Khatker, a 40-year-old farmer, when he first visited the Indo-Israel Centre of Excellence for Vegetables here a couple of years ago. Intrigued, he adopted the Israeli farming skills and, within months, saw production increase a staggering five-fold.

Smoke-water solution can stimulate seed growth: Study

Washington, March 2 : Researchers have engineered a simple apparatus which can create smoke solutions and help stimulate seed germination, a study said.

GM crops akin to killing agriculture with acid: Ramadoss

Chennai, March 1 : The centre's sanction to field trials for around 200 genetically modified (GM) food crops, including paddy and wheat, is equivalent to killing Indian agriculture with acid, PMK founder S. Ramadoss said Saturday.

Enterprising Uttar Pradesh official gets farmers their loan waivers

By Brij Khandelwal, Firozabad, Feb 26 : More than 12,000 farmers from 506 villages, whose bank loans amounting to over Rs 34 crore (Rs.340 million/USD 5.5 million) had been waived more than a year ago but who were still in the clutches of middlemen and corrupt officials, were "liberated" by a single stroke by an enterprising Uttar Pradesh government official who decided to address the issue head-on.

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